Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap

Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap

Knauf Insulation Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap with ECOSE® Technology sets a new industry benchmark for sustainable, high-performance, cost-effective insulation solutions.

To create the next generation of sustainable insulation, we combined:

  • Sand, one of the world’s most abundant resources,
  • Minimum 61.9% post-consumer recycled bottle glass and
  • ECOSE Technology

ECOSE Technology

The natural brown color comes from ECOSE Technology, a revolutionary, more sustainable binder.

  • Patented technology born from five years of intensive research and development.
  • Based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals commonly used in our traditional fiber glass insulation products.
  • Does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors.
  • Reduces binder embodied energy by up to 70%, and global warming Potential (GWP) and total insulation
  • embodied energy by an anticipated 4% to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Converts natural, rapidly renewable organic materials into a totally inert polymer for superior environmental sustainability.

Your Best Choice

Knauf Insulation Duct Wrap with ECOSE® Technology delivers:

Improved sustainability:

  • Uses renewable and abundant resources.
  • Contains an industry-leading percentage of post-consumer recycled glass.
  • Replaces non-renewable resources with renewable ones.
  • Based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials.
  • Eliminates non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals, such as phenol and formaldehyde.
  • Reduces binder embodied energy.
  • Contains no artificial colors.

Unsurpassed performance:

  • Cost-effective way to improve thermal and acoustical performance.
  • Is interior-friendly—GREENGUARD Gold certified.
  • Helps projects achieve LEED Green Building Certification.

Great Handling Characteristics

  • Atmospher Duct Wrap with ECOSE Technology boasts exceptional quality and handling characteristics that keep installers happy and more productive—great feel, low dust, quick recovery.
  • Flexible, lightweight—conforms easily to flat or irregular surfaces.
  • Tough and resilient—resists damage in shipment and during and after installation.
  • Rolls allow for faster installation, lower labor costs.

Great Performance Benefits

Atmosphere Duct Wrap with ECOSE Technology meets all the specifications and performance requirements for your projects.

Excellent Acoustical Barrier

  • Reduces sound transmission through the duct wall of noise generated by air turbulence and mechanical equipment for quiet, efficient air delivery

Conserves Energy

  • Low “k” factor significantly reduces heat gain or loss.
  • Lowers operating costs—increases system efficiency and reduces energy usage.

Controls Condensation

  • FSK or PSK facings assure condensation control with proper installation and sealed joints, seams and penetrations.

Great Appearance

  • White and Black PSK facings are a desirable solution for exposed duct work because of their appearance and resiliency.


  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap is a thermal and acoustical insulation blanket bonded with ECOSE Technology for use as an external insulation on commercial or residential heating or air conditioning ducts.
  • Suitable for the exterior of rectangular or round sheet metal ducts and spaces and surfaces where temperature and condensation must be controlled.
  • Ideal for cooling, heating or dual temperature service.

Technical Data

Surface Burning Characteristics

  • UL/ULC Classified (FSK). Unfaced or composite (insulation, facing and adhesive) does not exceed 25 Flame Spread,50 Smoke Developed when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84 (PSK only), CAN/ULC S102-M88, NFPA 255 and UL 723.

Temperature Range (ASTM C 411)

  • Faced—up to 250˚F (1221˚C); Unfaced—up to 350˚F (177˚C).

Water Vapor Sorption (ASTM C 1104)

  • Less than 5% by weight when tested for 96 hours at 120˚F (49˚C) and 95% relative humidity.

Water Vapor Permeance (ASTM E 96, Procedure A)

  • FSK and white PSK facings—maximum .02 perms.
  • Black PSK facing—maximum .09 perms.

Corrosiveness (ASTM C 665)

  • Does not accelerate corrosion on steel, copper or aluminum.

Corrosion (ASTM C 1617)

  • The corrosion rate in mils/yr will not exceed that of 1 ppm chloride solution.

Resistance to Microbial Growth (ASTM C 1338)

  • No growth.

Puncture Resistance (TAPPI Test T803) (Beach Units)

  • FSK  and PSK: 25

Specification Compliance

In Canada:

  • CAN/ULC S102-M88
  • CAN/CGSB 51.5M; Type II (FSK facing)
  • CAN/CGSB 51.11-92
  • In U.S.:
  • ASTM C 1139-unfaced, Type I, II
  • Grade 1- 0.75 lb/ft³
  • Grade 2- 1.0 lb/ft³
  • Grade 3- 1.5 lb/ft³
  • ASTM C 553; Type I, II, III
  • ASTM C 1136; Type II
  • ASTM C 1290
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • California Title 24 (installed at 25% compression)
  • HH-I-558C; Form B, Type I, Class 7
  • NFPA 90A and 90B